Born in a rural village in India, Alea was adopted from an orphanage and raised in Sweden. At the young age of 6, she began singing in the local choir in her hometown, and music has been a driving force in her life ever since. She studied cello at the music school for 6 years, and as a teenager she sang with the gospel choir, developing her powerful and distinctive vocal style.

Her debut single, 'Dance With Me'​.gained  attention for her before its official debut release from some A&R's from record labels overseas.

After 48 hours of release the song was ranked nr 1 on

Alea´s incredible voice has touched many of people over the years she has been blessed to sing with legendary Thai rapper Da Jim, , House Dj Emanuel Skinner, Thai Dj Bondy, Vietnamese Dj Billy Nguyen, and the one and only Bruce Gaston among many more.

She performed together with Celeste Siam asias nr 1 female DJ at  FAT FESTIVAL -the first ever festival held in Vietnam.

In December 2016 Alea will launch her mini cd, with babysongs for the youngest in Swedish.
The profit it will bring are going to the Syrian refugees via UNICEF and the child cancer fund (barncancerfonden). Coming soon in media and as cd. Stay tuned!

ReCover Blanket is a product designed by Alea Karin. It’s a product that can help women that are suffering from pain during pregnancy or these days in the month when you don’t feel so good. It can also help to relive pain in shoulders back or anyplace you need. During the spring of 2016 it was launched into the public and is now sold in shops and via the homepage.

This is a new designed product by Alea that is out in stores now and can be purchased at the homepage.


In May 2011 Alea opened her own network  which connect people from all over the world. In 2016 the homepage was rebuilt and the address is changed to and is now both in English and Swedish language.

Volunteer work

In September 2015 Alea started a mothers group for refugee mothers in her hometown in Sweden. The group started with 5 persons and grew into 50 people over a short time. Now they meet once a week to sing, talk drink coffee and share life and experience.


With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human and her remarkable personal creative mind and educational background, Alea is a truly international and globally-conscious young artist. She has also recently completed her first non-fiction novel about the extraordinary circumstances of her cross-cultural upbringing, which will be published in 2020..

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